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Welcome to Ballarat, a thriving city with a fascinating historical background.


Nestled within the midland plains of western Victoria, at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, lies the City of Ballarat.
The state’s largest inland city, Ballarat prides itself on offering the feel of a big country town with the facilities of a large city. In fact, a 2020 study by RMIT University ranked Ballarat as Australia’s most liveable regional city, for its parks, open spaces and access to public transport.

An epicenter for the Victorian gold rush in the mid-1800s, today Ballarat is a thriving hub for manufacturing, agriculture, health, education, hospitality and tourism.

History of Ballarat

Long before Europeans arrived, the Ballarat district was home to more than 25 aboriginal tribes known as the Wadawurrung people. A group of six British squatters were the first Europeans to sight the area in 1837 while in search of land for their sheep to graze. A settlement was established by the group the following year, which they called “Ballaarat”.

On 2 August 1851, prospector Thomas Hiscock discovered gold in Buninyong and a new era for Ballarat began as a gold rush boomtown. Within days of Hiscock’s discovery, thousands of prospectors flooded the Yarrowee Valley. Earning international renowned as “The Golden City” for its particularly high yields, Ballarat soon saw a huge influx of immigrants, including many from Ireland and China. By 1858, the Ballarat’s population had reached nearly 60,000.

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From the late-1860s to the early 20th century, Ballarat made a successful transition from a gold rush town to an industrial-age city. Poppet heads, mullock heaps of mining waste and smokestacks dominated the skyline. The ramshackle tents and timber buildings gradually made way for permanent stone and brick buildings built in classic Victorian architectural style. Ballarat’s foundries, which were established to make mining equipment during the gold rush, soon diversified and began making trains and farm machinery. Ballarat was proclaimed a city in 1871.
Today, Ballarat is the largest centre in Western Victoria and the state’s fastest-growing inland city; a family-friendly city known for its major educational institutions, tourism and a plethora of lifestyle and employment opportunities.

As one of Victoria’s biggest regional centres, Ballarat continues to grow. In 2019, Ballarat’s economy was valued at $15.015 billion, representing a 45% growth from 2010.

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Eureka Veterinary Hospital

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The Ballarat Veterinary Practice comprises three small animal clinics and a large equine hospital. We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and their families.
Eureka Veterinary Hospital

Eureka Veterinary Hospital

For over 30 years, our clinic as been recognised by the Ballarat community for providing high quality, compassionate and personalised veterinary care. Our reputation has allowed us to attract, retain and developed quality vets and nurses.