Career Opportunities for Newly Graduated Vets

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Graduate veterinarians are an integral part of Ballarat Veterinary Practice’s commitment to developing our future veterinary workforce. We welcome graduates to join our team in providing compassionate professional and high-quality veterinary care, to the Ballarat and surrounding community.

Overview of our Graduate Program

The BVP Small Animal Graduate Program was implemented to complement the routine induction and supervision already available to new staff and is designed to support graduates in making the transition from student to registered veterinarian, within a supportive and welcoming environment.

The program aims to provide mentoring, as well as to promote educational opportunities to graduates as they consolidate their theoretical and clinical skills.
This is a work-based program where clinical support, structured learning, and mentoring is provided by AVA-trained mentors, senior veterinarians, experienced nursing and support staff as well as the practice partners.

Newly Graduated Vets - Career Opportunities for Newly Graduated Vets
The program builds on what we all do in practice every day when we have a new graduate – we build their confidence by starting with simple, straightforward tasks, and move through to more complex tasks as their knowledge and experience grow. The program’s success is dependent on the mutual understanding that when graduates begin their veterinary career, they do not yet have the experience to carry out all activities confidently and independently without some level of support. We aim to give our newly graduated veterinarians the confidence to try, knowing that they are scaffolded by a safety net and system of support should they need it.

Upon successful completion of the one-year program, graduates will be presented with a plaque to recognise their achievement and their progression to Associate Veterinarian.

The Objectives of the Program

The experience of graduating, finding a job and starting a career is an exciting time, but it can be daunting too. The BVP Small Animal Graduate Program aims to counter some of the feelings of isolation and inadequacy often experienced in a first professional role.

The aim of the program is to provide a meaningful and effective period of support for newly-graduated veterinarians as they begin their careers. It is recognised that a period of support is required to assist graduates to move beyond day-one competency, to becoming confident, capable and independent veterinary professionals.

Throughout the program we aim to:

  • Provide productive feedback by engaging in timely discussions which are constructive, motivational and specific to the graduate’s development.
  • Help the graduate explore and express what they feel they have learned during specific cases, and coach them to recognise their strengths and areas for further development, and ensure that they are challenging themselves to progress.
  • Give our newly graduated vets the confidence to perform new or challenging techniques with the security of having a more experienced vet to help if needed.
  • Provide mentoring, guidance and reassurance to the graduate while managing their expectations and encouraging discussions that aid in professional development. Assist them to develop their self-belief and encouraging them to find their professional identity.
  • Work with the graduate to set clear, specific, challenging (but achievable) time bound goals, while acting on feedback and reflections.
  • Ensure that support is given from all areas of the workplace, from the reception team, to nursing staff, and fellow veterinarians – allowing graduates to get involved in cases they need to in order to progress.
  • Meet at regular intervals to discuss the graduates’ progress as a whole across all the activities in their role.

The ultimate goal is to integrate the graduate into the workplace and to prepare graduates for a
successful long-term career in the veterinary industry

Newly Graduated Vets - Build Your Veterinary Career in Ballarat

The Structure of the Program

The program involves mentoring, clinical support, and a structured learning program consisting of a series of modules which will be undertaken during your first 12 months.


  • Mentoring
  • Clinical support
  • Structured learning


We’ll have a timeline in place that guides you from your first day to beyond your first year.


Continuing Professional Development

You will be provided with an extra five days of paid leave to be used for the purpose of continuing professional development (CPD) and $2,000 towards the cost of learning and development.


Surgical Competencies

It is important that you are proactive with your learning and development and seek out surgical opportunities whenever possible.

It is expected that you will identify your own learning needs through self-assessment and, in consultation with your supervisor, develop and implement plans to address these needs.


Graduate Program – Further Information

For a full outline of the Small Animal Graduate Program, download the PDF below

Here’s what previous participants in our graduate program have said:

“I have enjoyed working across all clinic sites and I am very thankful for all the great clinical opportunities and unwavering support that all the partners and staff have provided me with over these last 2 years. I am truly so proud of my professional development and couldn’t imaging reaching this point so early in my career anywhere else.”

Dr Shirly Yu DVM

The University of Melbourne, Class of 2021
New Graduate Program – Companion Animals

“As a newly graduated veterinarian… coming to work where people want to help you and see you succeed makes a big difference.”

Dr Sachin Naidoo, DVM

The University of Melbourne, Class of 2017

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